Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Combustable Dustables

This is a music video I did for a friend of mine, who is, for lack of a better despription, a stoner rapper, or a "trip hop" artist. I've known the guy since 6th grade (i'm in my early 30's now). I needed some experience working with flash that I didn't have, and he needed some promotional help, so I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and do his video.

Combustable Dustables - thc420.

Now, a little caveat: I'm not a stoner. Never smoked a joint. Also, hever had a drink (except for a glass of wine, once), never smoked a cigarette (although I've inhaled more cigarette smoke than I care to think about). However, what someone does to themselves to scramble their brains is really none of my business, as long as it doesn't directly hurt someone else, and that's the attitude went into this video. It's not meant to condemn or condone drug use.. it's just a goofy cartoon.